Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sulap Kartu Sederhana

1. Find a selection of cards to be shaken in 1 deck.

1. Victim to take a card at random from the deck, and view it without us.

2. When victims do no # 1, you hold the card with the left and right hands. Then you colong vision card to the bottom of the deck you right hand. 2 In this example a shovel.

3. After viewing the victim card, he was ordered to put it on the deck you left hand. Mix the deck and hold the right hand above you.

4. Shake. But you just try to shake the card. Because this trick quite a risk when the victim who has to shuffle. Do this several times aja. But do not try to stir in detail, because the fear card before you see the same card separated umpannya.

5. When done stir card, you began to dispose of one-one card from the top of the card. Do this continuously until the card you see colong out earlier, the shovel 2.

6. After 2 shovel it out, the next card is a card he was.

2. Find a card with a choice of one drop of the air deck.

1. Fan card with the victim to open. Insert the card back to the middle of the front so that's not visible. This card is used as a hack.

2. Ordered to sacrifice one point that he would like the card. After her demonstration, calculated from the card to the card right up to the point he is.

3. After passing through the card, lift the card a little while once again ask for a certainty that the victim's card that he requested. And the square deck. Do not be shaken.

4. You start with a quick re-select the card that he was before the start of the top of the card, removed the closed to the table. After reaching in to the card he selected. Hold the card, and without the open, to enter the middle of the deck in front of the victim. And the square deck.

5. Triknya located here. While you square deck, place your left hand thumb on the top of the card. Then slide a little to the right, while you raise your hands to the deck of the air. Slide up to a maximum of 1 / 2 card. Then drop the right hand with the cards from the top.

6. Akan bait card should appear in the top of the inverted stack the deck be of the air line. Because of air friction, the card will be reversed so that mendaratnya in the open. Necessary exercise repeatedly to get a feel fit when akan drop deck card.

3. As a four-card moved from top to bottom.

1. Prepare the card 4 As.

2. Then arrange such that there is one insert card that is not visible on the back of the victim as is the order of 4. Show to the victim, not too long.

3. And the square becomes one deck. Card insertion should be located before the top.

4. 4 Remove the card back in while ngomong As "One, two, three, four ...". This is necessary to increase the attention that the victim card that we dispose of this is to 4 as before.

5. Then start from the card 1 is no, take that card, and enter to stack the deck down. Diketuk hold while the deck once, open the top of the card, while the "tuh, Asnya move from bottom to top ...". Then dispose of the card as that.

6. Then the next card no 2, take the card, then put the deck on the top of the stack. Percussion, the card continues to remove the stack from the bottom deck. While ngomong again "Well, now he's moving up to down.".

7. Card no 3 as well. Take the card, enter the stack to the bottom deck. Percussion, and hold open the top of the card.

8. The last card you take, you continue to put in the middle of the stack deck. Percussion deck and hold it, hold the card out of the bottom deck stack. "Now card from the midst of the stack to move to the bottom.".

9. Card Asnya already appear all right now.

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